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Parody of Foil by Weird Al Yankovic

Julia Larson: vocals
Jace McLain: keyboards, guitars, synth bass, drum programming, backing vocals


We spill our stuff into the sea
We've got OSEA on our side and our payroll
We've not ashamed of our mistakes
In an oil slick world who cares for seagulls?

You know we be like
That rig blew up, pay to shut the families up
Line breaks, investigate, so a couple fish croak
We don't care
We don't get our seafood from there
But everybody's like
Pay up, reprimand, show them they're not in command
Fines and pay cuts, go fire the head man
We don't care
We've got money hidden everywhere

Cause it's all about oil (oil)
You liberals might be talkin smack
Your cries won't make the fish come back
We like our gold and coffee black
You know I am your ruler (fooler)
I will make you need me
To power your cars, your trains, your yachts, your army planes
Your world belongs to me

Well Lil' Bush just cracked the code
We'll help you win that civil war for the right price
And everyone who knows us knows
We're so nice to our friends
And their short term profits

And every tycoon knows
Iran, Iraq, even Venezuela
Russia, Libya, and Saudi Arabia
We'll be there
We're so interested in their welfare
Kuwait, Canada, hush hush on Alaska
They have snowballs, I shot down your facts, nyeh
We don't care about the civil war over there

Cause they don't got no oil (oil)
All we wanna hear you say
Maybe we'll help you out someday
Just if you find a way to pay
Take us to your rulers (rulers)
We will give them what they need
Hey rebellion, you'll lose
You'll lose, let's ruse a cruise, bring booze
May our boat fuel fill the sea

Oil, oil, oil
Why would we make the planet green
Unless it's cash that you mean
Oil, oil, oil
Got a woody for trees, there?
We aren't caught up in your love affair

Cause it's all about oil (oil)
What about our kids, you said?
They all can live on Mars instead
They'll figure that out when I'm dead
When we are your rulers (foolers)
And short term profit's everything
Your warm is our cool
We'll rule, these shades make me look cool
Fill the tanks with gasoline


released December 1, 2015




Holy Bongwater Nashville, Tennessee

Holy Bongwater is the musical project of adorable couple Jace McLain (of Nuclear Bubble Wrap) and Julia Larson. They do psychedelic comedy and parody music

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